Super premium cat food BOWL WOW™ launched in Russia

The new BOWL WOW™ super premium food is produced from high quality raw materials under the strict control of veterinary experts. Already now they can be purchased on popular marketplaces.

BOWL WOW™ was developed in collaboration with veterinarians to replace the foreign brands that have gone out of the market and provide pet owners with a line of natural foods with a quality and functional composition. In order to provide your pet with complete nutrition, the food contains more than 71% animal protein, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics. At the same time, the manufacturer continues to improve the recipes based on the results of tests, while maintaining the quality of all ingredients.

The founder of the brand, Rustam Rakhmankulov, wanted to create a product for those who really care about the health of their pets and carefully read the ingredients, but at the same time make it available to the maximum number of customers, maintaining a balance between an acceptable price and the quality of the final product.

The line includes food for adult cats and for neutered cats, in February the brand plans to launch a food for kittens and for adult cats with sensitive digestion, and then a separate line of dog food and treats.

Already now BOWL WOW™ can be bought on OZON and Wildberries marketplaces; also very soon it will appear on the shelves of chain pet stores.

BOWL WOW™ products do not contain artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers and comply with international FEDIAF feed standards and Russian GOST R 55453-2022.