About the brand

Care and Expertise

Even at the stage of creating the brand, we carefully and thoroughly addressed such issues as guaranteeing the quality of raw materials and developing highly functional recipes. All raw materials used for production undergo a multifactorial laboratory examination, and our end products are very high quality and safe.

BOWL WOW™ functional diets were developed in close cooperation with veterinary experts from the Novosibirsk Veterinary and Satinary Welfare Center and nutritionists from the MTU community. In addition to extensive research, the products have gone through double palatability and digestibility testing to make sure your pets enjoy the great taste and aroma of BOWL WOW™


The entire BOWL WOW™ product line is fully compliant with international FEDIAF, AAFCO, NRC feed standards and Russian State standard STST P 55453-2022. This means that we are serious about the quality of the food and its impact on the health and body of your pet. Our diets are formulated with the latest research, recommendations and requirements in the pet food industry.


The European Federation of the Pet Food Industry, which regularly conducts veterinary, nutritional and technological research in the field of animal nutrition. Conclusions, norms and recommendations are published annually in the "Guidelines for the nutrition of dogs and cats with ready-made complete and additional feeds."


NRC (National Research Council): Canadian quality standard. The NRC is a government agency that conducts many studies, including issuing nutritional guidelines for a wide variety of animals. Recommendations are regularly updated based on the latest scientific evidence.


AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials): American quality standard. AAFCO issues guidelines and quality standards defining which ingredients are considered complete, balanced and approved for use in animal feed.

State standard STST Р 55453-2022

Approved Russian standard for technical regulation of animal feed. Developed by a group that includes research institutes, associations of veterinarians and major zoological organizations in Russia. The standard approves the norms for declaration, labeling and protein and vitamin content in diets for animals.


We are now constructing our own facilities for the production of cat and dog foods and will soon be able to greatly extend our product ranges. BOWL WOW TM meals are currently manufactured at a factory in Belousovo (Kaluga region)..

Our brand's key feature is a focus on quality and safety (we feed this food for our own pets). As a result, we are meticulous about the entire manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to final product acceptance.

We employ quality ingredients obtained solely from reputable suppliers, as well as sophisticated processing procedures that allow us to preserve the beneficial effects on health and ensure the safety of the finished product.


Our manufacturing process includes multiple rigorous quality control stages:

  • First, we audit potential suppliers to ensure their integrity, quality control system, and other manufacturing qualities. We only begin working with a supplier if the appropriate audit has been performed satisfactorily.
  • When raw materials arrive at the factory, they are subjected to a first revision process that includes document conformity, appearance, and transit conditions.
  • After the raw materials are accepted, they are quarantined until the results of the analyses are obtained. Raw material samples are evaluated in the laboratory for the primary quality indicators, and only after receiving lab approval is this batch of raw materials approved for production.
  • As soon as the manufacturing procedure is complete, the prepared rations are once again transferred to the quarantine facility, where the product's appearance is scrutinized and its quality is verified through laboratory testing.

If all tests are passed satisfactorily, the product is eligible to be sold.

Manufacturing process


The production of BOWL WOW™ foods begins with the grinding of dry components: if grain ingredients are used, they are ground and mixed with dehydrated meat. The resulting mix goes through additional grinding, gets moistened with steam and enriched with natural fats, vitamins and minerals.

Next, the extrusion and formation of pellets begins. During the procedure, pressure build-up and heat treatment occur, both increasing the digestive bioavailability of the food and providing additional safety.

The resulting granules are dried with warm air and further processed with Omega-6 spray. It helps to both enrich the food with tocopherols and create a unique natural taste and flavor mix.

Then, the end product is carefully packaged, labeled and sent for final inspection.